Stonesetters Snapshot

On the heels of Capstone, fifty Stonesetter “mini-legislators” descended upon the Statehouse for a day.  Eager to meet a real legislator, they were impressed by a senator’s story of his wounded dog, illustrating the need to treat the cause, not the symptoms in repairing government.
Within an hour, these eight to thirteen-year-olds had learned the basics of Stonesetters Legislature protocol and were arguing their bills with enthusiasm. Issues ranged from providing light sabers for the State Militia to outlawing compulsory piano lessons after the age of twelve. Sponsored by the youngest of several siblings, a persuasive argument based on personal experience was made to require helmets for passengers riding with student drivers.
In sponsoring the Capstone and Stonesetters Legislatures, Cornerstone has taken a giant stride toward its goal of training the next generation in statesmanship and in living out these principles before our legislators. These fine young people, our leaders of tomorrow, will bring to this arena ethics and servant-leadership. Kindled by their mandate to promote good and restrain evil, they are prompted not only to be involved, but to pray for their leaders who wrestle with weighty decisions each day.