Obama will no longer defend DOMA


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The Obama administration has just announced that they will no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in court. In a statement released WED. Feb.23,2011, Attorney General Eric Holder notified Congress that President Obama has decided that the definition of marriage contained in DOMA is unconstitutional, and has ordered that the Department of Justice to no longer defend DOMA against constitutional challenges.


  • This unilateral decision by the Obama Administration sets the stage for a changing legal climate where same-sex marriage could be forced on all 50 states – regardless of state marriage laws or constitutional amendments.

“Marriage as a male-female union has been easily defended in court and overwhelmingly supported by the American people. There is absolutely no excuse beyond pandering to his liberal political base for President Obama's decision to abandon his constitutional role to defend a federal law enacted overwhelmingly by Congress.” Tony Perkins, FRC

  • The US Congress can intervene in the DOMA cases even as the DOJ steps back. We’re asking members of Congress to do just that; to take on the role of defending marriage. Congress has legal and statutory authority to do so.
Call to Action
  1. Please ask your member of the House of Representatives (Congressman Raul Labrador and Mike Simpson) and two Senators (Senator Jim Risch and Mike Crapo) to use the tools at their disposal to intervene in defending the Defense of Marriage Act.
  2. Go to our Family Policy Alliance action center to contact your member of Congress (http://www.familypolicyalliance.com/