Our Mission, Associations & Approach

Our Mission
Cornerstone Family Council exists to protect and strengthen the traditional family and restore time-honored principles to the roles of family, church, and government.

Our Associations
Cornerstone Family Council is a nonprofit research and educational association which protects and strengthens Idaho families and their moral foundations. Offering reputable research, solid arguments, and principled persuasion, we promote pro-family values in Idaho.  We are associated with Focus on the Family, Family Research Council, Alliance Defense Fund, and 34 other Family Policy Councils nationwide.

Our Approach
Principled persuasion. We seek to serve the Legislature by providing family-friendly legislation.  In presenting reputable research on a variety of topics, we make the case for pro-life, pro-family, social conservative values in Idaho.  Whether in the cultural, academic, or public policy arena, we promote the family by developing and maintaining relationships, providing resources, and being of service. “Cornerstone Family Council (CFC) is an important and consistent voice in the Idaho Legislature that defends traditional family values, parental rights and the rights of all family members, including those family members who are not yet born.

CFC provides logical insights to issues that can often and easily become clouded in the legislative process.  Knowledgeable presentations based on extensive research are always provided by CFC, and its dedicated and committed staff presents its positions in a sincere and firm, but yet non-threatening manner.  I personally value and respect the well-reasoned positions along with the passion, commitment, and consistency demonstrated by Cornerstone Family Council.” Senator Robert L. Geddes President Pro Tempore Idaho State Senate 2008